Becoming a professional dancer: an achievable dream.

Dancer and dancer perform a choreographic work in front of an audience. They can do classical dance or contemporary dance. It is probably one of the most difficult jobs in the performing arts ...

Business description

The typical schedule of a professional dancer? Have auditions, work on technique for at least 3 hours a day, rehearse a ballet for 4 to 6 hours followed by an evening performance!

Whether one wants to become a classical ballet dancer or a contemporary ballet dancer, hard daily work, perfect physical condition and rigorous asceticism are absolute imperatives.

It is also necessary to have a sense of rhythm, flexibility, patience and perseverance, all qualities that are acquired from an early age.

The dancer can work on stage, in a performance hall, on a television set or in a rehearsal studio. Night work, on public holidays and on weekends is the rule. In addition, the profession of dancer involves frequent travel, sometimes abroad.

Most of the dancers are intermittent performing and make a modest living from their art. Many dancers carry out a teaching activity in parallel.

Studies / Training to become a Dancer / Dancer

To become a professional dancer, it is imperative to start learning dance very early. From elementary to third, you can take classes with flexible hours.

In this context, the pupils pursue a normal education with general education programs identical to those of the traditional cycles. At the same time, dance is taught to them in regional conservatories.

Then you can prepare for the techno TMD baccalaureate (music and dance techniques).

Before aiming for a higher dance school, one can learn his skills in a conservatory or a national music school.

In conclusion, dance is a profession for which he is trained to claim to earn a living or succeed in the field.