Habits of being a professional musician: seizing opportunities and taking action.

What makes an amateur musician different from a professional musician?

Assuming that both artists make great music, what are the other factors that determine the success or failure of a musical career?

In fact, we could spend hours discussing all the different internal and external criteria that can influence the success of an artist and therefore his professionalization.

But in this article we will first of all come back to the mindset and good habits to adopt in order to behave like a true professional musician.

Discover and seize income-generating opportunities

The point is, amateur musicians spend a lot of time composing, playing, and even recording songs that ultimately never really help them financially.

Once the first ep or album is released, the group or the amateur musician is then caught up with reality by realizing that no one buys or listens to it.

But this frustration pushes most of these budding artists to reorient themselves towards something more profitable, aka a job.

On the other hand, professional musicians don't put all the eggs in one bag and know full well that there are dozens of ways to make money with music and take advantage of these different sources of income.

Of course, that may require taking on the entrepreneur hat more often than the artist hat.

But in the end if this allows you in the long term to live off your passion then isn't it justified?

Take action

While the professional musician takes new steps, the amateur musician waits.

What is he waiting for? He's waiting for a miracle. In the form of state aid, a springboard, a TV show, a social network for musicians, a contract with a label, etc.

However, it is by making the decision today to act that in six months or a year you will be able to see the miracle that YOU have achieved.

The pro artist doesn't wait for things to be done for him. He takes action, learns from his mistakes and starts over.

Each year, millions of musicians around the world seek to professionalize themselves, in order to make a living from their music.

Unfortunately this is not given to everyone and the vast majority fail.

By adopting these habits that I have mentioned in this article, you are going one step ahead of all other amateur musicians, and even some “pro” musicians.

It's up to you to put all of this in place and make the right decisions.