Trumpet: an exciting musical instrument.

The trumpet is a transposing wind musical instrument (except for the one in C). It is the highest pitched instrument in the brass family. Made in a 1.50m long tube like the horn, the main material of the trumpet is brass. It originally consists of 3 elements: the mouthpiece, the tube and the bell. The addition of pistons makes it possible to play lower notes and fill in the missing notes of the natural trumpet.


Before acquiring a trumpet, the first thing to consider is the build of the young musician. The ideal age to start the trumpet is 7 years old. It is preferable that the student has a permanent dentition in the front of the jaw. In terms of body size, the size of the child must be sufficient so that he can carry the instrument easily and that it is not too heavy for him.

Sometimes it is better for the child to start with the piston horn, which is smaller and easier to handle. In addition, the sound is a little easier and the instrument, although of the same weight, is shorter and pulls the child less forward.

The different types of trumpet

We know that this is the least obvious part for any beginner who learns about the trumpet and who comes across trumpets in Bb, C, Eb, D or even bass, piccolo, pocket, cornet trumpets. … We will quickly reassure you! Today the most played trumpet is the Bb trumpet. It is found in almost all styles of music and more particularly in jazz and variety.
At the start of learning at the conservatory or with a private teacher, it is sometimes recommended that students begin learning with a trumpet in C and add an adaptable slide in Bb to it. When you know how difficult it is to achieve accuracy on a single key, imagine on this type of instrument. Your trumpet will never be perfectly correct in either C or Bb.

In conclusion, we therefore advise you to opt directly for a trumpet in Bb which, not insignificantly, requires much less physical effort than that in C. You can then invest in a C trumpet. Warning ! Study Trumpet Doesn't Mean Low Quality Trumpet! It should be fair and easy to play.